IGEL Releases Remote Management Suite 2.07

IGEL Technology has released Remote Management Suite 2.07 enhancing the easiest to use thin client management system by making it now also the easiest to install.

IGEL's Remote Management Suite 2.07 includes a built-in Java database reducing the cost, complexity and time of setting-up thin clients. The integrated database is designed for smaller IT departments that want a one-click install for a fast and simple set-up. For the larger and more complex user requiring failsafe capability for high availability, Remote Suite Manager also offers the broadest range of third party database support on the market, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and IBM DB2.

Integration of Active Directory for access control management has also been further enhanced in version 2.07. As well as importing users from Active Directory, IT managers can now also assign administrative rights to groups that are managed via Active Directory and automatically updated within the RMS.

Lastly, this latest version includes a new feature for the automatic detection of disconnected thin clients. Devices that do not connect to the Remote Management Suite within a defined period of time are moved to a separate folder providing up-to-date information on the thin client infrastructure and ensuring dead devices are identified and isolated.

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