Trolltech Sells Out of Qtopia Greenphones

Trolltech has sold its entire inventory of Qtopia Greenphones, the world's first open phone built by the company to drive developer and operator interest. Trolltech, having accomplished its mission and committed to its roots as a software company, will not order additional units and will work closely with developers to migrate them to new, compatible reference platforms that have since been introduced to the market.

As an open, Linux-based mobile phone, Qtopia Greenphone was a project initiated by Trolltech to stimulate open development of mobile phones and to serve as an industry catalyst for the open phone movement. The pioneering initiative resulted in the creation of the first platform for open phones and, in turn, provided the developer community and mobile phone operators a platform on which to test and advance the creation and demonstration of new mobile technology services to foster mobile phone innovation.

Trolltech will continue to work with a number of device manufacturers to make Qtopia Phone Edition, an application platform for Linux-based mobile phones, available to further leverage the innovative work the community has already done on the Greenphone.

Since the introduction of Greenphone, Trolltech has given open source developers and commercial organizations the tools to create innovative, inspiring applications and services.

Trolltech will continue to support the Qtopia Greenphone community with new software releases in the coming months. In addition, community developers and organizations looking for phone hardware on which to develop Qtopia applications, Trolltech recommends the Neo1973 from FIC and OpenMoko. Trolltech is also currently working on support for additional devices and hopes to announce support for these devices in the coming weeks.

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