Quarterlife Takes Show on the Road to Give College Students Preview of New Internet Series and Social Network

With just three weeks to go until the premiere of "quarterlife", the new online series from Marshall Herskovitz and Edward Zwick, the creative team behind "My So-Called Life", "thirtysomething", "Legends of the Fall", and "Blood Diamond", Herskovitz is touring college campuses across the country to give students a sneak preview of the pilot episode as well as exclusive access to an early version of the social networking site,

Throughout October and November students will have the opportunity to hear directly from Herskovitz about the origin of the show and its accompanying social network,, and the unique participatory features that will invite the online community to be involved with the ongoing creation of the series. Quarterlife's college tour stops will include the American Film Institute, Arts Center College of Design, Brown, CalArts, Columbia University, New York University, Rhode Island School of Design, UCLA, and University of Southern California, Tulane, and Yale, among others.

Herskovitz is kicking off the college tour with an appearance at the CMJ 2007 Music Marathon and Film Festival "College Day" on Thursday, October 18 in New York City. CMJ is a leading music and movie tastemaker that has hosted over a decade of film premieres and advance screenings for such iconic features as "Pulp Fiction" and last year's cult favorite "Borat."

"quarterlife" will debut on MySpaceTV on November 11, 2007 and on, November 12. The new series marks the first time a network-quality series will be produced directly for the Internet and it's the first time an independent project of this distinction has been owned and controlled by its creators, Herskovitz and Zwick.

The "quarterlife" series tells the ongoing stories of six creative people in their twenties. As with Herskovitz's and Zwick's previous television projects, the team's commitment to realism is at the center of "quarterlife" as is the recognition of universal human themes through the truthful depiction of the way young people speak, work, think, love, argue, and express themselves. The central character is Dylan, a young woman whose overly truthful video blog at spills the closest secrets of her friends, and the show's characters filmmakers Danny and Jed, actress-bartender Lisa, geek-extraordinaire Andy, and still-tied-to-her-parents Debra chart the sometimes excruciating, sometimes comic, often emotional experiences that comprise coming of age as a part of the digital generation. will exist alongside the Internet series. The web site will be devoted to facilitating that same coming of age as the series. For many people in this demographic the Internet is a critical part of life; they also define themselves, more than any generation in history, by their creativity. A key part of quarterlife is the interaction between the show and the web site. Members of the quarterlife community will be invited to participate in the ongoing creation of the series through writing and video submissions.

The site will also provide a diverse, expressive, aspirational outlet for the 40 million Americans who are between the ages of 18 and 34. will create a community around personal and creative development, and plans to provide resources in all the areas of life the arts, careers, love, health, finances, education and activism that concern this age group.

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