Yosemite Technologies Launches FileKeeper Professional

Yosemite Technologies is launching FileKeeper Professional, a powerful yet simple file protection and recovery software solution for laptop and desktop computers that sets a new standard for ease-of-use. Individual users at home or in the office can now implement a straightforward data protection solution with intuitive features including recovery of previous versions of a file or deleted files with a simple right click of their mouse in the Microsoft Windows user interface.

For the novice user, FileKeeper Professional protects most common user data right out of the box, and for the more experienced user, it has easy to configure personalised protection policies and retention periods. In either scenario, FileKeeper Professional requires no further maintenance once set-up, providing users with a 'set-it-and-forget-it' solution.

FileKeeper Professional uses near Continuous Data Protection technology to protect irreplaceable data as it is created and transparently stores file versions to one or more safe storage locations. File versions are automatically stored in a repository on a disk inside one's computer, allowing for the recovery of a file or version, even when the computer is not connected to external storage. Only the bytes that have changed in a new version of a file are stored, providing very efficient use of disk space. The files and changes are automatically saved to a secure storage location on a USB hard disk drive or networked storage when its connected, ensuring the data is safe and always available even if the user's laptop is lost or stolen.

FileKeeper Professional augments Yosemite's current FileKeeper Corporate product designed for IT departments to centrally manage the laptops of an organisation.

FileKeeper's near CDP technology can also be purchased as an option to the Yosemite Backup software, providing a total data protection solution.

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