Lexalytics Releases Salience Engine 3.2

Lexalytics has released Salience Engine 3.2 with improved performance and recognition functionality. Salience Engine 3.2 is the basis for all of Lexalytics solutions for marketing and PR professionals, search technology firms and media research companies.

The Lexalytics Salience Engine provides sentiment and tone at an entity level which allows customers to discover, understand and act on the information available in the blogosphere. In order to help their marketing and PR professionals understand where to drive their brand, companies need to understand and organize what's being said about their products and services. This means marketing professionals need the ability to digest the thousands or even tens of thousands of messages concerning their product or brand and Salience Engine 3.2 helps meet that challenge.

Enhancements available in Salience Engine 3.2 include improved performance when extracting key information, and the ability to designate specific directories for a variety of entities including companies, people, products and brands. This enhanced directory structure will allow users to access multiple data directories at the same time and customize how they want to access the content analyzed by the Salience Engine.

In addition, Salience Engine 3.2 has improved how it can normalize the information collected and associate key names and brands with each other. For example, understanding that General Motors and GM are the same entity is a key component to analyzing content and returning accurate sentiment results.

Salience Engine 3.2 now supports Ruby and C#, in addition to C, PHP, Python and Java.

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