Semphonic Releases Implementation Guides for Omniture's SiteCatalyst and Visual Sciences' HBX Analytics

Semphonic has released Implementation Guides for Omniture's SiteCatalyst and Visual Sciences' HBX Analytics. The Implementation Guides are designed to help organizations get a web analytics implementation right the first time. The Implementation Guides - based on Semphonic's experience implementing these products on some of the largest and most complicated web sites in the world - walk through each phase of a web analytics implementation.

The Implementation Guide tackles some of the biggest challenges faced by organizations starting with an Enterprise measurement system:
- Implementation Process: Tagging is one of those projects that most organizations will only do once. So, naturally, they lack the experience to build solid processes around it. The Implementation Guide includes a detailed description of what's involved and lots of guidance about how to think about and structure your measurement implementation.
- Designing the Basic Tag: There are a surprising number of issues around implementing a basic tag: from designing an efficient account structure to deciding on a page naming strategy. The Implementation Guide walks through every core variable in the tag describing its function, basic strategies for implementation, key stakeholders that need to be involved in a decision and a recommendation as to the most appropriate strategies.
- Optional Tag Elements for Reporting: Much of the power of enterprise web analytics comes from custom variables that are unique to the site. The Implementation Guide examines many common implementation strategies for customized variables (event-times, form data, commerce data, customer information, survey data, etc.) and provides recommendations for how and where they can be coded in the tag.
- Quality Assurance: Most tagging implementations require testing to insure that they are capturing the necessary information. The Implementation Guide includes 20 common implementation problems, how to test for them and what to about them.

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