The Comodo Forum Grows into a Community of Over 30K Members

Comodo announces that the Comodo Forum has grown into a community of over 30,000 members and includes some of the best tips on PC/ Internet security.

The Comodo Forum is a place where people share information, discuss technical security topics, and provide a venue where members can help shape the development of Comodo solutions. Within the Comodo Forum a diverse group of members share ideas, techniques, and opportunities in desktop security. Members often assist other members in a broad array of security related topics so that members have a well informed network of people to advise them how to stay safe online. The Forum covers a wide set of topics including a feature wish list, product updates, sneak peaks at new products (BETA solutions), polls, and product reviews.

Generally, topics are organized into four primary areas:
1. Input on pre-release, BETA products.
2. User product support;
3. community "wish list" for future product development;
4. Open forum for users to share general information.

Because Forum members are partners in the development process and often advocate Comodo solutions to the media, these solutions have garnered significant press. For example, Comodo Firewall Pro has been ranked as one of the most effective firewalls on the market today by independent sources such as PC Magazine, ComputerWorld and Matousec.

In addition to focusing on desktop security topics, Comodo CEO Abdulhayoglu, also shares company announcements and news through the Forum and offers members the opportunity to correspond directly to Comodo developers.

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