DTS and CyberLink Introduce Joint PC Promotion

DTS is launching a DTS PC Software player in conjunction with CyberLink to offer DTS surround sound upgrades to PowerDVD 7 Standard and PowerDVD Max customers. Via a jointly-branded microsite, the promotion will allow customers to download a 30-day free trial of DTS 5.1-channel sound, or to purchase directly DTS upgrades to the software packages.

PowerDVD 7 Standard and PowerDVD 7 Max owners will be notified via email and CyberLink's monthly newsletter to members. Once at the microsite, consumers can view video and music trailers from Eagle Rock Entertainment that will demonstrate the benefits of incorporating DTS surround sound into CyberLink's software. Users can either download a free 30-day trial of Power DVD with the DTS surround sound decoder, or can purchase directly the DTS 5.1-channel audio pack upgrade or the PowerDVD 7 Deluxe upgrade.

The DTS 5.1-channel audio plug-in provides a higher bit rate to deliver a better match to an original master soundtrack through lower data compression. Encoding and decoding data at nearly twice the speed of the standard audio capabilities, the DTS plug-in adds more intensity and realism to movies, music and games. The PowerDVD 7 Deluxe upgrade includes the DTS plug-in, as well as additional video playback features.

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