Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP 5.1

Group Logic announces the immediate availability of ExtremeZ-IP 5.1, the only Windows-based server solution to properly support all releases of the Mac operating system, from Mac OS 9 to the upcoming Mac OS X 10.5.

With ExtremeZ-IP 5.1, Group Logic is unveiling its new Zidget a dashboard widget which enables users to easily discover and access their print and file servers. This simple dashboard widget or web interface allows administrators to completely eliminate AppleTalk (and related maintenance and management costs) from their network a goal of many organizations. The Zidget reduces desktop support issues, increases user productivity and reduces overall management and technology costs.

In addition, ExtremeZ-IP now gives administrators the flexibility to define and enforce file naming policies, greatly reducing compatibility issues and improving productivity, especially for users who access these files as part of a cross-platform workflow. ExtremeZ-IP's expanded policy enforcement features also help administrators more fully automate the management disk space and storage costs by prohibiting the storage of certain file types.

Illustrating its commitment to providing superior customer support and solutions designed to meet customer needs, Group Logic is increasing ExtremeZ-IP's print server scalability and management capabilities in this latest version. ExtremeZ-IP Print Server version 5.1 can now scale to support 1,500 simultaneous print queues without impacting performance or employee productivity. This increased scalability allows administrators to reduce licensing and management costs by consolidating their multiple print server software solutions into a single high performance, reliable and scalable solution. Additionally, ExtremeZ-IP file and print server are also now IPv6 compliant.

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