TynTec Launches Voice Network Query

Mobile messaging services provider TynTec announces the launch of Voice Network Query, a new service which will allow major telecoms carriers to route voice calls to mobile phones directly to their destination network operator. The new service will overcome the issue of onward routing of voice calls to ported mobile numbers, thus reducing the issue of excess network traffic generated by voice calls misrouted due to mobile number portability.

When a mobile user switches network but retains their current phone number, calls have traditionally been routed via the user's former operator's infrastructure, which then routes calls to the operator which now provides service to the customer. This double handling of calls generates additional network traffic and transmission costs which, ultimately, are passed on to subscribers. With TynTec's Voice Network Query, TynTec customers can check the actual network of a mobile number before routing the call, thus routing the voice call directly to the correct network and avoiding unnecessary network traffic.

TynTec is able to offer this unique service through its portfolio of deep-level (SS7) connections into the global mobile network. Using their access directly into mobile operators, TynTec can query any mobile number to establish its home network, whichever operator that number might have originated on.

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