RadiSys Launches Three New Endura Motherboards

RadiSys announces the introduction of three motherboards that are compatible with today's Intel Core 2 Duo processors. The latest addition to RadiSys' Endura portfolio of motherboards, the new boards are based on the Intel Q35 Express chipset which provides enhanced graphics performance, support for the latest DDR2-800 memory technology, more USB 2.0 ports for a larger number of external peripherals, support for external SATA drives and greater energy efficiency.

The Endura series of motherboards is designed to support long-life embedded applications and to provide ongoing support for current Intel processors to enable customers to deliver their products to market quickly. The Endura motherboards are particularly suited to medical imaging, military and gaming markets in applications such as medical ultrasound, industrial automation and video surveillance.

Highlights of the new Endura motherboards include:
- The JD35Q and QZ35Q ATX boards are designed for use in advanced imaging applications with a x16 PCI Express slot for graphics acceleration cards, and a second x16 connector (with 4 PCI Express lanes) for use with an additional graphics acceleration card.
- With integrated DVI and S-Video interfaces, a x4 PCI Express slot for high bandwidth data capture devices, the PL35Q microATX board is suited for medical ultrasound equipment.
- The QZ35Q ATX board is designed to meet the more demanding slot and port needs of industrial automation applications that typically require more I/O. This board is ideal for applications that require many legacy PCI slots, such as a video surveillance system with multiple PCI video capture cards.
- All boards come with comprehensive support services, including expert product lifecycle management.

The new Endura motherboards with the Intel Q35 Express chipset will be sampling with customers in October, with general availability in November 2007.

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