Learning Improvement Solution from Agilix Now Available

Agilix Labs announces that GoCourse is now being shipped to schools, colleges and institutions nationwide. GoCourse, Agilix's e-learning application, enables offline learning, increases educator efficiency and improves student learning outcomes.

GoCourse is a learning improvement system that enables teachers, schools and colleges to monitor and manage student learning outcomes. Specifically, the Agilix GoCourse solution provides real-time feedback on student progress through built-in learning objective support, meaning teachers can now track the performance of their students throughout the school year and adjust lessons according to the needs of individuals.

Additional features and benefits of GoCourse include:
- Distributed content delivery: The online/offline model enabled by GoCourse's scalable anywhere architecture allows students to experience rich multimedia content, such as Flash and video, without worrying about Internet connection speeds. All authoring, teaching and student learning activities can be performed offline.
- Increased educator efficiency: GoCourse simplifies out-of-class work for instructors by enabling fast assignment grading, easy gradebook management, and simple workflow for re-using e-curriculum between sections and semesters. Therefore, teachers have more time to focus on teaching and developing lesson plans rather than administrative tasks.

The GoCourse Learning System is a solution designed for performance-focused colleges, universities, institutions and school districts that are committed to enhancing student achievement and enabling teacher effectiveness. GoCourse empowers teachers to engage and excite students with an innovative and personalized approach to learning.

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