ASC Wins Contract for Airports in Argentina

ASC has announced an expansion of its aviation recording solutions to three airports in Argentina. The project, to be completed in 2008, followed ASC's recent registration by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

ASC will install its primary communications recording system, Marathon Evolution, for the Administracion Aeronautica Argentina in an arrangement tendered by the ICAO for the airports in Cordoba, Buenos Aires-Ezeiza and Buenos Aires-CIPE (backup for Ezeiza). The airports will be equipped with approximately 1,000 recording channels in all, and the system will provide 1-to-1 redundancy. This capability will ensure complete backup during emergency situations and facilitate reconstruction and analysis of all occurrences.

Airports must record and archive all air traffic communications and precisely reproduce the temporal flow of all events. The ICAO, through its Technical Cooperation Program, evaluated ASC's solutions for aviation security and use by airports in national and international operations, and found them to be in compliance with its Standards and Recommended Practices.

ASC's systems offer the highest data security because their redundant architecture minimizes the possibility of mechanical failure, and user-friendly, intuitive interfaces help the air-traffic controller focus on the situation at hand, when time is of the essence.

Marathon Evolution, the world's first Linux-based recorder, preserves all transmissions and customer interactions for four to thousands of channels, with a minimum online storage of 15,000 hours. Calls may be played back over LAN/WAN connections and archived to redundant, removable media, such as DVD or AIT.

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