NemeriX Announes the NemeriX NX4

NemeriX has announced the release of its 4th generation A-GPS navigation platform: the NemeriX NX4. This modular, scalable, hosted & stand-alone A-GPS navigation solution directly targets the strategic roadmaps of mobile handset vendors. Like the three NemeriX GPS generations which precede it, the NX4 is designed to be an industry leader on low power and high sensitivity, provide top tier performance (e.g., tracking, TTFF time-to-first-fix), and have the lowest bill-of-materials (BOM).

Commensurate with record investments in the GPS space, large mobile handset vendors (and suppliers) are demanding single-package, GPS-enabled multi-wireless solutions by the third quarter of 2008, followed by total wireless integration shortly thereafter. The NX4 platform provides users with the ability to choose hosted or stand-alone A-GPS architectures within a single chip, as well as migration to 65nm RFCMOS and integrated baseband for multi-wireless applications (e.g., BlueTooth, WiFi, and FM).

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