Ingres Announces OEM Partnership with Infoflow

Ingres has announced the signing an OEM agreement with Infoflow to enhance its presence in the BI and reporting market. Ingres can now bundle Infoflow into its BI and open source technology stack. This allows customers to schedule, publish and deliver key business information across their organisations.

The availability of Infoflow will bring significant benefits to Ingres customers. Not least amongst them is the ability to add the latest technology to their current platform and so improve the management of information within their business more cost effectively.

Infoflow sits on top of existing databases and corporate applications and manages the generation and delivery of information. It does this by intelligently combining and filtering information from every report before delivering it to the user either by name or by their role.

At the same time, it provides a single point of reference for controlling the information flow across the enterprise. It can deliver more relevant information to a larger audience - without the cost and complexity of alternative applications or manual delivery.

Equally important, Infoflow provides a universal, corporate data and report management platform that is agnostic of the original sources of the information.

It also eliminates the need for the recipients to know anything about the technology used to generate these reports. Therefore it removes the training and support costs associated with what are most likely many different and unconnected reporting systems.

Infoflow also allows for report bursting. This ensures that each recipient receives only those parts of a report which are pertinent to his or her job - an important factor in maintaining security.

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