Advanced Systems Concepts Updates Its ActiveBatch Version 6

Advanced Systems Concepts has announced the immediate release of an update for ActiveBatch Version 6, the company's enterprise-class job scheduling software. Among the update's improvements is an expanded job library that offers first-time, broad-based direct support for Crystal Reports, the world's leading reporting tool. Also included is a series of new execution agents supporting not only Sun Solaris for the Intel platform, but also several new 64-bit operating systems Solaris 64-bit, Linux 64-bit (Red Had and SUSE) and Windows Itanium 64-bit.

Advanced Systems Concepts' update to ActiveBatch Version 6 also adds authenticated SMTP email, enabling IT admins to maintain security for outgoing email notifications as well as support for Sun Solaris on Intel.

ActiveBatch Version 6's support for Crystal Reports allows users to specify and trigger reports on any recent version of the ubiquitous business intelligence reporting software, including the current Version XI. The updated job library in ActiveBatch Version 6 supports triggers for Crystal Reports within existing ActiveBatch, Database, File Operations, FTP, email, and other scheduled jobs.

Now, ActiveBatch users can pass a wide range of data to Crystal Reports, then output reports in a variety of formats including PDF documents and Excel spreadsheets.

To provide seamless operation in the fastest, most powerful production environments today, ActiveBatch Version 6 now supports a broader range of 64-bit operating systems.

In addition to its existing support for Windows 64-bit and Tru64 systems, ActiveBatch adds execution agents for Windows Itanium 64-bit as well as Solaris x64 and Linux x64, in both Red Hat and SUSE flavors.

Other ActiveBatch execution agents support operation under 32-bit Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, and OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium environments.

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