More Than Half of Mobile Users Believe Losing a Cell Phone Would Cause Their Social Life to Suffer

Recent findings from a FusionOne-commissioned survey of mobile phone subscribers revealed users' strong attachment to the content on their devices, which includes address books, ringtones, text, pictures, music, games, and other applications. In the survey conducted by Market Tools, users reported that losing their phone is far more painful than having a cavity filled or breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend; over half said that losing their phone would cause their social life to suffer.

The mobile phone has become a ubiquitous tool for business as well as new forms of socialization, such as text messaging and sharing photos or video using social networking and photo or video websites. The growing need for mobile content and migration services is evidenced by the 70% of subscribers who rated contacts backup very or extremely important. Similarly, music and picture backup were both rated very or extremely important by over 30% of respondents.

"Today we see two key personalization trends: the importance for sharing user generated content and the fashion statement represented by ringtones and other premium content", said Richard Onyon, chief executive officer of FusionOne. "Safeguarding and transferring the subscriber's mobile phone identity is now significant in maintaining their peace of mind and loyalty to wireless carriers."

Of those surveyed, 67% reported that they do not have their address book backed up anywhere and 66% re-enter contacts manually when replacing their phone. Other types of mobile phone content, such as ringtones, games and music, purchased by 34% of subscribers, and pictures taken by nearly 60% of subscribers are equally difficult, if not impossible, to replace. Just ask the 35% of subscribers who have previously lost their phone, with 19% citing a bar, restaurant, club or party as the most common place to lose or damage a phone. Loss of a mobile phone would also negatively affect the 73% of users who have sensitive text messages in their phone and the 31% who have sensitive pictures that they would not like others to see.

Mobile content and migration services benefit both subscribers and carriers. With 40% of industry revenue coming from subscription applications, providing subscribers with a solution that makes the appropriate content (version and format) available to subscribers for restoration or migration to their new device reduces revenue leakage for carriers. This service particularly benefits females, who spend more money (up to $50) on licensed mobile content and are significantly more attracted to protection for music, ringtones, and pictures than men.

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