KPIT Cummins to Provide Free Technical Support to City's NGOs

KPIT Cummins Infosystems announces its latest initiative in community service to provide free technical support for NGOs and small schools in the city of Pune. The implementation of this initiative has already begun and the Company urges NGOs to come forth and avail the services offered.

In the year 2006, KPIT Cummins Infosystems along with Cummins and UnitedWay started NP-Connect (not for Profit-connect) in Columbus is part of their Global Community Initiative. World over, a majority of NGOs face infrastructure problems such as, lack of updated software, basic hardware and under-utilization of available hardware which eventually affects their routine operations. KPIT Cummins identified this growing need for technical help & decided to start the initiative with a view to support the NGOs.

NP-Connect was initiated with the basic objective to help organizations to use and implement IT infrastructure & solution, educate the personnel at such organizations who lack IT knowledge and to improve operational routines at the agency. Volunteers who enable the support are employees of KPIT Cummins. The Company offers IT supports such as installing programs, anti-virus update, web support, data backup etc. NGOs from Bartholomew County and the Columbus such as- Just Friends, Love Chapel, Y-MED to name a few, benefited significantly from this program.

Encouraged by the positive feedback form the NGOs in USA, KPIT Cummins tested a similar project in the city of Pune. Here as well, the response indicated a vast need for such services and now the Company intends to implement it on a larger scale. A number of employees from the IT division of the Company have volunteered and are working actively to support this cause. The volunteers have been assisting NGOs and schools in the city, with technical support & imparting basic training to the staff of six different NGOs -Surajya Sarvangin Vikas Prakalpa, Mobile Cr?che, Hope Centre, Chapekar Trust, Hinjewadi High School and New English High School (in the Maan village).

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