93% of Consumers Unsure How to Best Protect Themselves from ID Fraud

In a recent survey, commissioned by Callcredit, Experian, Equifax and Fellowes specifically for National ID Fraud Prevention Week, 80pc of consumers claimed to be concerned about becoming victims of ID fraud. However, a staggering 93pc are unsure that they are taking the right steps in protecting themselves and believe that they could in fact do more.

The research also showed that a shocking 72pc of those surveyed had themselves been affected or knew someone who had been affected by identity theft.

Monday 8th October 2007 marks the UK's third National Identity Fraud Prevention Week (NIFPW), a major awareness drive which warns consumers about the dangers of identity fraud. NIFPW will educate consumers and businesses as to the dangers of identity fraud, and the preventative steps that could and should be taken.

Owen Roberts, Identity Protection Expert at Callcredit said: "The consequences of falling victim to identity theft can be devastating, and while there's a lot of advice out there on how to protect yourself from ID fraud, many consumers are still falling victim.

"It is impossible to be 100 percent safe from identity theft as everyday life leaves countless footprints that a criminal can use to steal your identity. Your birth certificate, driving licence, utility bill, website login; just one of these things can be the start point for a criminal to begin impersonating you.

"It is essential that we all take the simple steps that make life harder for the criminal; shredding documents, protecting your PC, but every bit as important is that we are constantly alert to the warning signs of identity theft. We all need to check our credit report regularly for accounts that we didn't open, if our post goes missing we need to find out where it went and when our statements turn up we should take the time to check them for suspicious spending. Each day that identity theft goes undetected gives criminals endless opportunities to damage your good name. If we are smart enough to do these few things then it is likely we will never have to experience the distress that a serious case of identity theft causes."

Callcredit's top tips to protect your identity:
- Don't throw your identity in the bin;
- Don't broadcast your identity on the internet by failing to protect your PC;
- Make certain you are watching for warning signs by regularly checking your credit report.

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