Philips Lights Up World Cyber Games Final with New amBX Games

Philips will be showcasing its new amBX PC Gaming Peripherals and several new amBX-enabled versions of games to members of the press and invitees at the World Cyber Games 2007 Grand Final in Seattle. As a global sponsor of the event, which runs from October 4-7, and sees 700 elite gamers from 74 countries compete for a share of $500,000-worth of prizes, Philips will be holding demonstrations of the Philips amBX PC Gaming Peripherals and the latest amBX game software.

This will include the first press showing for the integrated amBX version of Supreme Commander, the strategy game from Gas-Powered Games and THQ, which will be available before Christmas, and is soon to be bundled with amBX kits. In Supreme Commander, the feeling of immersion is greatly enhanced by the use of amBX-enabled sensory effects.

Also being showcased for the first time, Overlord, the new action-based RPG published by Codemasters, shows how amBX can be incorporated seamlessly within a game to heighten a dark and twisted atmosphere. In Overlord, amBX scriptwriters have created multiple layers of amBX effects using all of the sensory output possible for events triggered by environmental factors, in-game events, and player actions. The amBX version of Overlord will be released later this month.

The Quake 4 amBX mod will also be shown at the WCG event, and, to give a further glimpse of games to come, an amBX-enabled trailer of Clive Barker's Jericho, which blends all the thrills of a cinematic horror movie with the fast action and tension of an FPS. Jericho is due to be released on October 26, 2007 by Codemasters, and the amBX version of the game will follow one month later.

Finally, journalists and invited gamers will also see how the amBX FXGenerator brings immersive light effects to many existing and readily available PC games. Philips amBX's ongoing amBX testing program has already identified 112 PC games which are amBX compatible without the need for any modification, which means that many of the games in a player's existing collection will be amBX-enhanced as soon as they set up their amBX hardware system.

Philips amBX technology is a milestone in the development of ambient intelligence and has revolutionized the gameplay experience by extending the virtual world outside the screen and into the real world. amBX provides gamers with a full sensory surround experience by delivering amazing light, wind, explosion and rumble effects that flow through enabled devices to coincide with gameplay elements.

The Philips Peripherals & Accessories amBX hardware is now available in selected territories, with the range available worldwide in the next few weeks.

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