SignalDemand Announces the Release of Price and Response 3.0

SignalDemand has announced the 3.0 release of its flagship Price and Response product. SignalDemand Price and Response 3.0 enables process manufacturers to address a persistent problem: how to grow margin in the midst of escalating input costs and downward pricing pressure from customers. Built from the ground up as a secure software-as-a-service solution, Price and Response 3.0 uses sophisticated econometric modeling and algorithms to provide process manufacturers with new control over margin and increased visibility into how pricing on each SKU affects business profitability.

Price and Response 3.0 serves as an important touchstone throughout the pricing process across every market: short-, mid-, and long-term. From individuals responsible for determining prices to senior-level executives, Price and Response 3.0 provides a powerful new way to understand and gain insight into the margin potential inherent in existing and potential product portfolios.

The product's rich information set is presented in a highly intuitive, easy-to-use interface that utilizes the latest web technology. By combining interactivity, ease of use and performance, Price and Response 3.0 delivers the tools organizations need to formulate new strategies for gaining margin as well as the ability to review and explain variance across past decisions.

Armed with an understanding of how to accurately price products across markets and customers, companies are able to achieve significant margin gains. SignalDemand customers typically report increased profits of 2-4% of annual revenue as a result of implementing the software.

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