Pioneer Electronics Unveils the SVM-1000

Pioneer Electronics has unveiled the SVM-1000, the world's first reference audio and video combination mixer designed for elite DJs, VJs and club venues to enhance their audio/video performance and provide their patrons and fans with an all encompassing sensory experience. In addition to mixing audio and video, the SVM-1000 mixer incorporates a built-in 11-inch LCD touch-panel display, symmetric channel layout, 4-channel audio and video inputs, Still Image Sampler and hundreds of combinations of video effects. Features and audio mixing capabilities of the SVM-1000 are similar to the industry standard Pioneer DJM-1000/800 mixers, which give DJs and VJs the creative freedom to easily build and create synchronized visual effects to accompany their audio mix for a complete entertainment encounter.

The SVM-1000 mixer was designed to easily integrate into a club environment's DJ booth due to its physical traits. The face of the mixer incorporates a "channel symmetric layout" featuring an 11-inch LCD touch panel in the center of the mixer. With a quick touch of the screen, video manipulation follows the audio with fluid transition.

SVM-1000 Features Include:
- Multiple Video Blending Technology - DJs can synchronize audio and video with up to four sources simultaneously. Each of the four channels features independent fading and equalization for traditional mixing techniques. The mixer is also capable of sound-only or visual-only control for creative mixing according to the DJ/VJ style. For enhanced visuals of any mix, the cross fader is capable of various video effects such as FADE, WIPE and CHROMAKEY.
- Audio Video Effect Function - An Audio Video Effect function enables the user to fully synchronize audio and video effects utilizing a built-in 11-inch touch-panel LCD display. With up to 30 built-in audio and video effects, users have the ability to quickly create exciting visual treatments orchestrated to music. When video isn't available from a source, such as a CD, the DJ can still create a visual performance through pre-loaded graphics and images accessed from an animated on-screen icon for quick selection.
- AV Beat Effect: The mixer automatically detects the tempo of the music and synchs it with the video content. Twelve beat effects are available including Delay, Echo, Pan, Transformer, Filter, Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Robot, Chorus, Roll and Reverse Roll which can also be combined with other visual effects such as Inverse, Edge and Hue for numerous arrangements.
- AV Touch Effect: Taking advantage of the large touch-screen display, users can quickly access 12 touch effect patterns including Ripple, Lens, Spot, Radiation, Cube, Block, Kaleidoscope, Twist, Zoom, Drop, Blur and Distortion. Each effect contains four parameters to create different variations on the screen.
- Text Effect: Custom text messages can also be displayed to the tempo of the music in various beat-linked expressions. Six text patterns are available including Random, Zoom, Block, Rotation, Crush and Slide which can also be inputted through its built-in USB connection.
- JPEG Viewer Function - The SVM-1000 lets users incorporate their own images and photos from an external memory device for use in their performance through a SD slot and USB connection. Its "Still Image Sampler" further enhances visuals by mixing images, such as logos of DJs, events or sponsors with videos or other still images with the ability to loop and play them as a slide show.
- Audio and Video Quality:
1) Audio: The mixer employs 96 kHz / 24-bit digital sampling and a 32-bit Digital Signal Processor for the highest quality audio. The SVM-1000 integrates various features to maximize audio quality: high rigidity chassis for minimizing unnecessary vibration, dual-shield structure for eliminating digital noise and high performance / low noise power supply for clean and powerful sound.
2) Video: The video signal input through the Analog to Digital Converter is image processed at 600MHz / 32-bit / 4800MIPS (Million Instructions per Second) to maintain high dynamic range and minimized noise resulting in accurate and clear visuals.

Other Performance Features Include:
- Video Trim: Enables adjustment of brightness for each input video channel;
- Video EQ: Assignment of video parameters such as RGB, contrast, hue or saturation allows equalization and synchronization of audio and video;
- Fader Start: Allows the cross fader to start other Pioneer players;
- Fully Assignable MIDI: Control of external MIDI equipment such as effectors or DJ/VJ computer software;
- Video Monitor Select: One touch on-screen video selection.

The SVM-1000 will be available in February 2008.

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