Pitney Bowes MapInfo and Quocirca Release a New White Paper

Pitney Bowes MapInfo announces the release of a White Paper produced by industry analyst house Quocirca, entitled 'The Location Intelligent Enterprise - unlocking the value of location in data'.

Available as a free download fromthis pageandhere, this in-depth study presents a step-by-step analysis of the benefits of harnessing location data as part of the Business Intelligence process. It details the value of location-specific information that is already available within organisations and cites global case study examples of companies leveraging this data to maximise and optimise business operations within diverse industry sectors.

"Location is a fundamental dimension to business like time", says John O'Hara, Executive Vice President, International, Pitney Bowes MapInfo.

"We define location intelligence as the combination of technology, relevant data and services to enable an organisation to measure, visualise, analyse and act on its data.

"This report defines the process, maps it to the Business Intelligence framework and clearly articulates the value of a location intelligent strategy to public and private sector organisations, from insurers and retailers to local government and emergency services."

Louella Fernandes, author of the White Paper and senior analyst at Quocirca, comments: "Whilst over 80% of enterprise data has a location dimension, it is rarely exploited in traditional business intelligence analysis. Where this is being done successfully, organisations are reaping significant benefits and advantages in the marketplace.

"This paper provides the definitive understanding of location-based intelligence, how geospatial information has evolved to become business critical knowledge, how it works with databases and BI technologies and how it is being deployed across the enterprise to deliver unprecedented organisational benefits."

A succinct 15-page document featuring a useful one-page executive summary, 'The Location Intelligent Enterprise' provides clear definitions of the process, explains the BI/LI marriage proposition, outlines the value of LI in the key industry sectors and drills down into the future direction of geospatial technologies, from mashups to mobile GIS.

Whilst the paper cites Pitney Bowes MapInfo customers, it is not vendor-specific. The value of the document lies in delivering a clear understanding of the LI proposition, providing an unprecedented insight for organisations yet to consider the opportunity that location intelligence presents.

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