Samsung Premieres the Samsung 940UX Monitor

Samsung Electronics America has announced the Samsung 940UX Monitor, the first 19" flat-panel USB connected LCD monitor. The display leverages Samsung's proprietary UbiSync technology to allow multiple screens to connect via USB, rather than VGA, without the need for a graphics card or any special video hardware. The 940UX is a suitable model for both commercial users and consumers who rely on multiple screens to create a more productive, flexible work experience.

Each 940UX features an onboard video card and embedded software driver allowing for easy and automatic installation on any Windows XP PC, eliminating inconveniences such as purchasing additional graphic cards and downloading separate drivers. The monitor is an ideal solution for users who need to add a second or third monitor to a laptop or PC, particularly PCs that lack space for an extra graphics card. Users can add up to six 940UX monitors on one PC, providing up to 114 inches of desktop space increasing productivity by giving users the ability to have multiple windows open across multiple displays.

To further drive productivity, the 940UX features a height-adjustable stand and allows users to view documents in portrait and landscape mode, creating a comfortable, highly customizable work experience. For additional flexibility, the 940UX also features the traditional VGA (15-pin D-sub) and DVI connections. The model also allows users to alter images to their liking, using a one-touch auto set-up button.

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