Jasper Design Automation's JasperGold Verification System v4.5

Jasper Design Automation has announced JasperGold Verification System v4.5, a new release of the company's flagship formal verification solution that delivers support for liveness properties, enhanced engine performance and support for properties containing multiple clocks - a new functionality important for modeling the industry's most sophisticated properties. In release 4.5, JasperGold also includes improved initialization performance for easier formal analysis and automatic property grouping for faster proofs.

In release 4.5, JasperGold delivers high-leverage, low-effort formal verification by deploying Jasper's unique Proof Accelerators, Lossless Abstractions, and patented Formal Scoreboard, which provide more robust performance, increased ease-of-use and unmatched end-to-end proof capacity. These three powerful extensions complement JasperGold's unique Design Tunneling Architecture to dramatically improve formal verification performance while maintaining design integrity and simplifying coding requirements. Pre-defined formal-optimized generic algorithms are provided for common, hard-to-model design constructs such as data transport blocks, FIFOs, memories, etc. Jasper Proof Accelerators simply "plug-in" to an existing design, driving greater performance while still maintaining design integrity, since the RTL design is never modified. Jasper Lossless Abstractions automatically reduce proof complexity for counters and other constructs while retaining all information required for full verification of the design. Jasper's Formal Scoreboard is a unique, patented algorithm enabling the industry's only end-to-end full proof capability for data integrity properties.

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