CastGrabber Launched

CastGrabber has announced the launch of the CastGrabber, a new device that automatically downloads podcasts onto virtually any MP3 player without requiring the use of a PC. More than 167 million podcasts were downloaded last year and that number is likely to increase to more than 200 million in 2007 and without a viable podcast transfer solution, other than iTunes and a few other applications, the task of putting podcasts onto MP3 player remains difficult. CastGrabber offers a simple solution and is compatible with popular MP3 players including Apple iPods, Microsoft Zune, SanDisk, Samsung, Sony models. In addition, CastGrabber is compatible with virtually all of the 150 million plus MP3 players created to date.

Who is CastGrabber for?
- Beginners: CastGrabber is for both the experienced and the beginner that finds it challenging and time consuming to subscribe to podcasts and intimidating to use software to transfer the shows to their MP3 player or iPod. CastGrabber allows beginners to navigate the easy to use browser to subscribe and unsubscribe to the podcasts of their choice hassle free.
- Casual Users: CastGrabber is for both the casual or amateur podcast user that does not have time to monitor their podcast selections and prefers a solution to do all the work for them.
- Pros: CastGrabber is for the podcast enthusiasts or pro that is constantly filling up their MP3 player or iPod with podcasts and is tired of having to connect to a PC to retrieve them.

CastGrabber provides remarkable ease of use, making it a suitable solution for anyone who wants to eliminate technical hassles and spend more time enjoying the latest podcasts. CastGrabber automatically charges and downloads podcasts whenever a portable MP3 player is docked in it. CastGrabber even recharges the MP3 player's battery. In addition, CastGrabber will auto-update itself with the latest software changes so that every device will always be current with the most up-to-date software changes.

Setting up CastGrabber is quick and easy. Owners of non-iPod players can use any Web browser to select or change their podcast subscriptions, while iPod owners can use iTunes for podcast configuration. Via its built-in Ethernet port, CastGrabber connects directly to a user's router and the Internet.

CastGrabber is constructed with high-quality components to provide long-term performance and reliability. The unit's compact size makes it an unobtrusive addition to any table or desktop. CastGrabber features a convenient cord channel and pull-out shelf to accommodate MP3 players of all shapes and sizes. All the necessary connectivity components are included in the package.

Not long ago, VCRs were the world's dominant content capturing technology, but few people could figure out how to program them. Then a new era dawned with advent of TiVo, which offered a user-friendly solution for scheduling recordings, enabling users to reliably capture every episode of favorite broadcasts.

In 2006 alone, consumers downloaded nearly 167 million podcasts. But those users were faced with the same vexing problem the VCR once presented, because they were without a "set it and forget it" solution for downloading content. Now, with the introduction of the CastGrabber, CastGrabber, is revolutionizing podcast management. CastGrabber makes it effortless for users to seamlessly and reliably download the content that interests them.

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