ArcSoft Announces Support for Intel Clear Video Technology

ArcSoft announces that ArcSoft Digital Theatre now implements support for Intel Clear Video Technology. Digital Theatre is a breakthrough software application for video playback, including Blu-ray, HD DVD, and AVCHD. Intel Clear Video Technology is a combination of video processing hardware and software technologies that delivers enhanced high-definition video playback, sharper images, precise color control, and advanced support for a wide range of digital displays. The technology is available on platforms using the Intel G965, GM965, G33, and G35 Express Chipsets.

Digital Theatre supports playback of Blu-ray (BD-ROM, BD-AV, BD-J), HD DVD, and AVCHD, including high definition interactive content such as HDi and BD Live. It also includes a Windows Media Center Edition plug-in, which provides a 10-foot user experience.

As part of its implementation of Intel Clear Video Technology, Digital Theatre supports Advanced De-interlacing which delivers clearer, more detailed images. Additionally, Intel Clear Video Technology also allows PCs to connect to digital displays that support the latest digital display interfaces, including Digital Video Interface and High-Definition Multimedia Interface.

Available as a standalone application, Digital Theatre is also party of ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme, an integrated software suite for working with high definition multimedia. TotalMedia Extreme provides video playback; video creation, editing, and archiving; and backup solutions for media including Blu-ray discs, HD DVDs, DVDs, and CDs.

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