AMD Licenses 3D Graphics Core Technology to QUALCOMM

AMD has announced an agreement to license its graphics core technology to QUALCOMM. This intellectual property licensing agreement is part of each company's ongoing commitment to drive a strong mobile gaming ecosystem and unleash state-of-the-art graphics across a range of handheld devices to delight mobile consumers everywhere.

This agreement will bring AMD's patented Unified Shader Architecture - first introduced in the Microsoft's Xbox 360 gaming system - to QUALCOMM's advanced Mobile Station Modem chipsets, potentially reaching many millions of mobile phone users.

Through its agreement with QUALCOMM, AMD will deliver new graphics solutions, empowering the delivery of advanced hardware and software applications for outstanding mobile graphics experiences. To accelerate the evolution of immersive graphics for handheld devices, AMD continues to work with an array of hardware and software suppliers to drive new graphics standards and technology, such as the AMD patented Unified Shader Architecture.

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