IGEL Technology Announces Its Latest CE Firmware Upgrade

IGEL Technology has announced its latest CE firmware upgrade enhancing its range of thin clients. The new firmware includes a Windows XP-like desktop that allows users to easily switch between different sessions running in separate windows. Hence a user can switch between an ICA and a web session by simply clicking on a button on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This provides users with an environment they are used to working with, enhancing functionality and ease of use whilst minimising training needs. Local terminal configuration is also made easier via the start menu if administrators permit it.

In addition, there is the inclusion of a VDI capable Leostream Client for accessing virtualised PCs running on VMware. Since Microsoft Windows CE has a full RDP client, the new IGEL firmware is ideal for customers looking to access their virtual machines with a Microsoft RDP client.

Finally, the firmware includes the latest Citrix ICA 10 client with increased security levels and an improved user experience; including auto reconnect to all disconnected applications on re-login. This makes it ideal for users in an environment with an intermittent network connection such as wireless.

The inclusion of ICA 10 also allows customers to not only access applications hosted on Citrix Presentation Server, but also VMware hosted desktops via Citrix Desktop Server, since it is also DDI capable. This is an excellent choice for customers looking to combine the strengths of Citrix access infrastructure with the flexibility of a virtual PC environment.

The latest CE firmware upgrade is available from October 1st 2007 and will be available on all recent IGEL CE based thin clients.

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