Wireless USB 1.1 Enriches End-User Experience

The Wireless USB Promoter Group comprised of companies HP, Intel, LSI, Microsoft, NEC Electronics, NXP Semiconductors, and Samsung Electronics say they are developing the Wireless USB 1.1 Specification. Building on the well-established Wireless USB 1.0 Specification, advancements include new options for first-time association of devices, improved power efficiency, and support for UWB frequencies above 6 Ghz.

Preparing for the demands of future implementations, the Wireless USB Promoter Group is defining new features to make Wireless USB even easier to use. Among the features is a new method for first-time device association the process to securely connect hosts and devices. Wireless USB 1.1 will support the use of Near Field Communication capabilities, which is a proximity-based approach that allows users to easily introduce devices to their PCs through touch-and-go action. The Wireless USB 1.1 specification will also include updates to enhance power efficiency for better battery life, as well as add UWB upper band support for frequencies 6 Ghz and above.

The Wireless USB 1.1 Specification will be finalized in the first half of 2008.

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