Quantapoint Releases QuantaCAD 7.5

QuantaCAD puts reality into your design software by enabling facilities digitized using laser scanning to be accessed as high-definition Laser Models and photo-realistic Laser Images. The latest version (7.5) incorporates a number of new capabilities based on user feedback to better support the design and engineering lifecycle. By accessing the Digitized Facility in design software using QuantaCAD, Quantapoint clients have been able to decrease field trips by 90%, remodeling time by 85%, design time by 60% and design clashes by 85%.

The major new capabilities in QuantaCAD include:
- Integration with Autodesk AutoCAD, AVEVA PDMS, Intergraph PDS and Intergraph SmartPlant Review. A common, consistent interface is used across all design software to minimize training requirements.
- A toolbar in the design software to quickly access commonly used QuantaCAD commands. This makes working with QuantaCAD in the design software very efficient.
- Graphical display of individual laser scan locations in the Laser Models in the design software. This makes it much easier to open the corresponding Laser Image to see a photo-realistic, panoramic images of an individual laser scan.
- Group selections of the Laser Models in the design software that are parts of the facility being demolished. Demolition groups may be shown, hidden or highlighted for planning and clash analysis. This helps focus design efforts on actual clashes.
- Clip and slice CAD models, Laser Models or both CAD models and Laser Models in the design software. This enables view obstructions to be temporarily hidden.
- View Laser Models in multiple selected viewports in Intergraph PDS.

Other QuantaCAD capabilities include:
- Display CAD models as solid or wireframe in the design software.
- View Laser Models with the CAD models in 3D in the design software, not as a background image or in a separate program.
- Point, distance and pipe measurements in the design software.
- QuickLoad Laser Models around CAD models in the design software.
- Load Neighboring Laser Models in the design software.

By using QuantaCAD to put reality into design software, clients have typically been able to reduce field trips by 90% (by doing virtual site visits in the design software), reduce remodeling time by 85% (by using the Digitized Facility instead of remodeling in CAD or as a basis to remodel), decrease design time by 60% (by accessing more complete information in the design software) and cut rework from design clashes by 85% (by correcting clashes between the Digitized Facility and the new design).

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