BakBone Announces NetVault: Backup 8.0

BakBone Software has announced version 8.0 of NetVault: Backup, the company's flagship data protection solution. The newest release of NetVault: Backup introduces integrated, Continuous Data Protection capabilities and also expands NetVault: Backup's feature set. This marks a critical advancement in BakBone's Integrated Data Protection strategy, BakBone's approach for reducing complexity in the data center.

NetVault: TrueCDP, BakBone's new CDP offering, helps customers meet aggressive recovery point objectives for their most valuable and time-sensitive data on Linux and Windows file servers. As opposed to scheduled backups, which provide only one recovery point every 24 hours, BakBone's CDP capabilities provide recovery points within seconds. Developed as an integral feature of NetVault: Backup 8.0, NetVault: TrueCDP uses the same back-end hardware, providing a centralized repository of data that eliminates the complexity introduced by stand-alone CDP systems. Unlike many current CDP solutions that offer only near-CDP, NetVault: TrueCDP does more than just take occasional snapshots of data it provides up-to-the-second, real-time data capture for very granular any-point-in-time recoveries. Customers can also define fixed-point-in-time recoveries (snapshots) for longer-term recovery points with finer granularity than those offered by traditional scheduled backup systems.

NetVault: Backup offers broad cross-platform support for Linux, Windows and Solaris environments and has won multiple awards for its ease of use, reliability and extensive features. Version 8.0 of NetVault: Backup adds real-time, true-CDP capabilities; enhances operational efficiency; reduces system downtime; improves data availability and increases security to support the business growth of enterprise environments.

Key product highlights for NetVault: Backup 8.0 include:
- NetVault: TrueCDP Continuous Data Protection for faster, more granular data recoveries. Integrated, true-CDP technology gives administrators the flexibility to meet their recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives across multiple platforms. NetVault: TrueCDP maintains the same look and feel as the BakBone family of products and works transparently with NetVault: Backup to protect customers' most valuable and time-sensitive data.
- Increased storage management efficiency. NetVault: Backup 8.0 integrated Shared Virtual Tape Library can be dynamically increased on the fly for easier storage growth. Version 8.0 adds restartable backups and support for additional cluster managers Sun Cluster, Fujitsu Primecluster and Veritas Cluster Manager.
- Enhanced central management capabilities to more effectively meet business goals. NetVault: Backup 8.0 manages clients and servers across firewalls, extends administrative control and adds support for NetApp's ShadowTape.
- Improved security and regulatory compliance. Enables password change enforcement to improve security and compliance and improves disk to disk to tape by encrypting copies.

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