DivX Launches Its New Mobile Program

DivX announces the launch of a program that will enable consumers to easily discover, share and playback high-quality video on a variety of mobile devices.

The centerpiece of the DivX mobile solution is a comprehensive licensing and testing program that ensures a high-quality media experience for increasingly powerful mobile phones. Joining over 100 million DivX Certified products including DVD players and other living room devices, DivX partner Samsung Electronics has already released the first DivX Certified mobile handsets.

Additionally, DivX launches a beta mobile content and software solution that enables consumers to experience high-quality video content across the PC, the living room and on-the-go. By utilizing DivX Converter, a one-step video software application available on, users can easily convert virtually any digital video into a "DivX Mobile" video that is compatible with any DivX Certified mobile device.

Consumers who do not own a DivX Certified mobile device can download the beta DivX Mobile Player which will support the playback of DivX content on certain mobile devices. The DivX mobile offering also includes a beta version of a video content site where consumers can easily browse and enjoy high-quality DivX videos from a variety of sources formatted for direct viewing on a DivX enabled mobile device.

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