DivX Certified Samsung Handset Now Available

Samsung Electronics and DivX announce the worldwide retail availability of the DivX Certified Samsung Ultra Video (SGH-F500) mobile phone, a handset device that features stylish design and offers a cutting-edge multimedia experience, including high-quality DivX video playback. Available for sale in Netherlands since June 2007, the Samsung F500 is entering additional markets including France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

The Samsung Ultra Video SGH-F500 offers consumers an optimal viewing experience, with a large 2.4", swiveling LCD screen, and is the first mobile phone to attain DivX Certification. The phone enables consumers to easily playback high-quality DivX video from the PC or Internet, including files downloaded from the popular Stage6 online video community.

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