Garmin Launches n?vi 700 Series Satellite Navigation System

Garmin has announced the new n?vi 700 series satellite navigation system. With the 700 series Garmin has elegantly combined advanced technology with enhancements to its user interface to ensure an intuitive and easy navigation experience. This is combined with elegant design and an integrated antenna to make it exceptionally compact and stylish. It also comes with traffic warnings to tell you of any congestion ahead and safety camera alerts for mobile as well as fixed cameras.

It may be exceptionally simple-to-use but the advanced and innovative features mean the n?vi 700 series is suited for all users from holidaymakers to businessmen/women; sales staff to delivery companies.

Each n?vi in the 700 series has traffic alerts, with a free lifetime subscription to traffic services. This enables drivers to avoid congestion and find alternative routes via the sat-nav. Garmin uses the patented Cyclops technology to provide highly accurate safety camera alerts for all its sat-nav systems. It is believed to be the most up-to-date and reliable information available for both fixed and mobile cameras. Advanced trip planning capabilities let users input up to 200 destinations in one route a great time and fuel saver for salespeople and delivery fleets. It also has a 10,000 point track-log which acts like an electronic breadcrumb trail, remembering exactly where you've been. This has many advantages including the ability to view your route afterwards in applications such as Google Earth.

All the Garmin n?vi 700s have a built-in FM transmitter, allowing users to wirelessly transmit directions, telephone calls (selected models) or MP3s through their vehicle's stereo. Bluetooth wireless technology is available on the Garmin n?vi 710, 760 and 770 for hands-free calling when paired with compatible phones. Users can find and dial numbers stored in their phone or numbers from the n?vi's points of interest database (hotels, restaurants, shops and more). This enables phone calls to be made easily and safely while on the move. Text-to-speech is also included on the n?vi 750, 760 and 770 where the actual names of roads are read out loud so there is no confusion over which turn you should take even if there are many roads close by. There is even a built-in picture viewer so you can store and look at all your favourite photos.

Like other widescreen Garmin n?vis, the 700 series boasts a bright, sunlight-readable 4.3-inch colour touchscreen display (480x272 pixels). The design incorporates a high-sensitivity internal GPS antenna that makes it thinner and even easier to mount in a car as well as carry around.

Another new feature which makes the Garmin n?vi 700 series even easier to use is the choice of keyboard style. When typing in a destination users can choose between a Qwerty keyboard or an alphabetical one. This means everyone can use the format they prefer and speed up their search.

The Garmin n?vi 700 variations are as follows:
The n?vi 710 has regional mapping (UK and Ireland or other region) with Bluetooth;
The n?vi 750 has UK and European mapping;
The n?vi 760 has UK and European mapping with Bluetooth;
The n?vi 770 has mapping for the UK, Europe and the United States with Bluetooth.

All have safety camera and traffic alerts as well as an FM transmitter

The n?vi 710, 750, 760 and n?vi 770 are expected to be available in October 2007.

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