Godiva Imaging Installs Kodak's i1860 Scanner Technology

Eastman Kodak Company announces that Godiva Imaging Limited is the first independent UK service bureau, specialising in providing bespoke document management and imaging solutions, to have purchased the Kodak i1860 scanner, which captures 200 pages per minute.

Godiva Imaging has purchased the i1860 scanner in June 2007 through value-added distributor, Headway Technology, after a three week trial to add capacity to its operation. This follows the implementation of an i840 scanner in July 2006, handling up to 160 pages per minute, which complements various other mid volume Kodak scanners already in operation. In the past year, Godiva Imaging has invested over ?100k in Kodak scanner equipment.

As an independent service bureau, Godiva Imaging will work in any market sector, for any company and provide a range of imaging solutions. The company has completely standardised on Kodak's scanners within its business.

The new i1860 offers Godiva Imaging a new approach to processing documents over and above speed. First, the scanner has been ergonomically designed and can be automatically tailored to the height of the operator to make it more comfortable to use, with an on-board LCD touch screen control unit making it simple to operate. Second, features like Kodak's Perfect Page image processing result in extremely high quality scanned images and adjustable triple ultra sonic multi-feed detectors can be set to detect overlapping sheets of paper or those with stuck-on Post-it notes but are still flexible enough to cater for all the different document types that result from working with 620 customers. Third, if a sheet of paper goes out of line or snags, jams can be handled far faster with only one having to be removed and rescanned rather than a whole batch.

Godiva Imaging has also been able to reduce machine time from two shifts to a one 7.5 hour day shift with the i1860 such is the throughput of the system. This clearly provides capacity for growth if machine time were again doubled.

Historically, Godiva Imaging used 13 Kodak 3510 mid volume scanners which required 13 members of staff feeding paper into them at about 6,000 documents per day. Now with the i1860 handling some 73k per day, the company has 10 people preparing and sorting documents for scanning removing staples and paper clips for example with one trained operator actually managing the system based on customer requirements. This means better quality scanning, faster throughput with less errors or jams made.

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