UK to 'Get Real' with Launch of VoxTone

For the first time, mobile phone and PC users who want to stand out from the crowd can hire their very own voiceover professional to create the world's first truly personalised ringtones and desktop notification alerts. VoxTone is the first ringtone service to use professional voiceover specialists to record any word or phrase that you want to say; creating a unique and personalised alert that won't sound like anything you've heard before.

Mobile users will love the ability that VoxTone gives them to create their own mobile identity and get rid of those annoying ringtones. From student to banker, shopkeeper to office worker; everyone will enjoy showing off their virtual secretary to their friends as it repeats those nicknames known only to their group of peers. For ambitious professionals, personalised sound notifications, on both their mobile phone and PC, add sophistication and polish.

VoxTone is a fully customisable solution for every ringtone and sound notification need. It comprises a specially produced pre-alert sound, from a wide selection, alongside a personally requested and recorded voice message. VoxTone can say anything a customer requests, such as a personal nickname, company name and any requested sentence.

Customers can design their VoxTone at which will be recorded by a professional voiceover artist and delivered within 48 hours; either directly to the recipient's mobile phone or to their chosen email account. Customers can use their VoxTone files not only with their mobile phones but also their PC/Mac, to personalise any alerts they desire. Via mobile VoxTone is currently available in both MP3 and WAV formats to T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Orange and 3 customers.

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