Nero Announces the Upcoming Worldwide Release of Nero 8

Nero announces today the upcoming release of Nero 8, the next generation of the company's integrated digital media and home entertainment software solution. Designed with consumer ease of use in mind, Nero 8 extends content beyond the PC, allowing users to easily create and edit, convert and share, rip and burn, backup and protect digital media. With Nero 8, users can enjoy their content at home, on-the-go, and online. Additionally, Nero 8 is built to ensure data integrity and reliability and is optimized for use with the new Windows Vista operating system.

Nero 8 introduces the newly-designed Nero StartSmart user interface, which maximizes user efficiency with a one-stop solution for creating and managing digital media projects. With this new interface, prime functions like burning and ripping audio and data discs can now be accessed directly, letting users complete projects with one-click functions. Nero 8 also supports a number of next-generation formats with editing, playback, and burning features. In addition, Nero 8 lets users edit photo slide shows and create High Definition video in both Blu-ray BD-AV and HD DVD video formats.

The new and improved Nero 8 software allows users to upload videos and share content on YouTube, MySpace and My Nero with a simple one-click solution. In addition, Nero RescueAgent has been developed and integrated based on Nero customer feedback, and allows users to restore deleted files and recover data from CDs and DVDs that may have been lost due to scratched discs, interrupted recording operations, or poor recording quality.

Nero 8 has been optimized for use with the new Windows Vista operating system and offers a variety of features that complement Windows Vista including the Nero DiscCopy gadget, which lets users copy a disc with just one click in the Windows Vista sidebar. Nero 8 also provides a complete bundle of multimedia and backup and recovery features not found in Windows Vista alone. The addition of live icons allows users to see what is in a file without opening it, and a Rich Preview pane offers direct access to files from within the Windows Explorer browser.

Nero 8 will be available worldwide at participating retailers and online on October 1, 2007.

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