CMS Products Launches 'Continuous Encryption' CE-Secure Software

CMS Products has launched its newest data encryption product, CE-Secure. CE-Secure is an easy-to-use data encryption program offering maximum data protection through its state-of-the-art AES 256 bit encryption technology. CE-Secure allows the user to create any number of encrypted "vaults" on a computer system hard drive, secondary hard drives, or external storage devices such as USB hard drives and solid state thumb drives. These pass phrase protected "vaults" provide maximum security and protection for sensitive or private financial documents, as well as photos, music or videos.

For totally secure data, CE-Secure supports strong user pass phrases, ensuring that critical data can be accessed only by the authorized owner of the vault. CE-Secure has been designed as a "continuous encryption" application the actual data stored within the encrypted vault is never decrypted within that vault and features "on-the-fly" data encryption/decryption.

CE-Secure Vault Edition operates in Windows Vista, XP and 2000 environments and supports the creation of multiple encrypted vaults up to 4GB in size. Additionally, CE-Secure Vault Edition Pro is available supporting all of the features of the standard version as well as allowing the creation of even larger encrypted vaults. The Vault Edition Pro version also incorporates support for systems running Windows 2000/2003 Server and the creation of encrypted vaults on mapped network drives.

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