Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional RTL Version with Bidi Support

Wondershare has released Bidi support in PPT2Flash Professional for non-western languages. It allows users speak Hebrew or Arabic or other RTL languages to create multimedia presentation with bi-directional text for trade show, digital signage, online learning, enterprise training, conference, company presentations and more.

Hebrew and Arabic are Bi-Directional (Bidi for short) language, meaning that most of the text is written from right-to-left, while some of the text (like numbers) is written from left to right.

Lacking of Bidi support in the software applications for western users makes it impossible to create multimedia presentation in Hebrew or Arabic or even not able to create understandable content. If you target audience is using a right to left writing system, your presentation designed in the English-oriented software environment does not be read natively.

With the Bidi handling ability in PPT2Flash Professional RTL version, you can easily get rid of these troubles and unexpected communication failures between different languages.

Wondershare PPT2Flash Professional offers the following features and enables users to create Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Farsi presentation and more:
- Recognize and Display RTL Text - PPT2Flash Professional recognizes characters encodings typically used for Arabic, Hebrew and other RTL languages. And it can display correctly characters which are presented right to left in the original order.
- Covert PowerPoint in RTL text to Flash - PPT2Flash Professional converts PowerPoint presentation created in RTL languages to animated Flash, meanwhile retaining animations, transitions and multimedia in it.
- Right-to-Left Flash Player - If a PowerPoint is converted to Flash by PPT2Flash Professional; it is embedded in a player designed specifically for right to left languages. Text container, buttons and screen layout are all placed on the right to fit the right to left reading order.
- Right-to-Left Text Input - When you are working in PPT2Flash Professional, you are working a real right to left environment. If you type using Hebrew or something similar, you can see the text created from right to left.
- Translate Label and Message Text to Your Language (RTL) - PPT2Flash Professional gives the full control to users to customize text of labels, buttons and messages. You can translate the text from English to Hebrew, Arabic, Persian or any other language you need. This feature will let you create a screen in your own language.
- Bidirectional Script Support for Mixed Text - When LTR text is mixed with RTL in the same paragraph, each type of text should be written in its own direction, which is known as bi-directional (Bidi) text. PPT2Flash Professional includes this important support for Bidi text to display mixed text correctly, in their intended reading order.

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