business Announces the NewsKnowledge News Agency

NewsKnowledge has launched an internal news agency to supplement its Full Text news products. Content delivered by the news agency will supplement existing NewsKnowledge Full Text Custom news feed products. Custom configured Full Text news feeds provides companies real-time access to critical business information, and the ability to configure, adjust and refine your news feed at any time.

The Full Text Custom feed service is for publications and companies looking for product, company information or competitor full text articles, and broadcasters in need of top current news.

The NewsKnowledge news agency will have correspondents around the world, and hopes to compete as a full text news content leader. The news desk will produce content in English, and in the near future to be expanded to German, French and Russian languages services.

The NewsKnowledge news agency headquartered in Zurich, is aimed at ensuring the further expansion of the NewsKnowledge's activities in the news aggregator market.

The news project is supervised by Kobus Nieuwmeijer, one of the NewsKnowledge's specialists in organizing information business on emerging markets.

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