DivX Acquires Veatros' Assets

DivX announces the acquisition of the assets of Veatros, a Kansas limited liability company. Veatros's technology was designed to conduct real-time digital video processing and will be used by DivX primarily for the purposes of producing enhanced video search and discovery services. Veatros was spun out of the Information and Telecommunication Technology Center at the University of Kansas.

The Veatros technology, when integrated with the DivX Connected platform for enjoying network-based media in the living room, will provide users with a powerful, high-quality environment for managing and enjoying all their digital media through an easy-to-use interface. As digital media comes of age, more consumers are demanding greater connectivity and better solutions for finding media, on the PC, in the living room, and on the go. DivX provides widespread access to content through a range of products and platforms, with over 100 million DivX Certified devices from major partners including DVD players, digital televisions, digital still cameras, portable media players and mobile phones, as well as through Internet distribution platforms.

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