Ingres Debuts Its Business Intelligence Appliance

Ingres has delivered the first open source application-specific software appliance. The Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance enables Ingres to offer enterprise customers an integrated solution for Business Intelligence applications with a cost effective price point, easy installation, and single maintenance and support for the entire software stack.

Software appliances are applications that are combined with a customised operating system where all the components are integrated and tested to work together with only a single install required. The Ingres Icebreaker BI Appliance is a fully featured suite: the BI software resides on top of the company's Icebreaker foundation which consists of the Ingres 2006 database integrated with Linux and is powered by JasperSoft's open source BI suite. This combination addresses the existing challenges in BI deployment and application, including costs of developing a data warehouse, expanding BI to additional users and managing and maintaining the software stack. This has the potential to greatly accelerate time to market for new BI projects for end-users and ISVs.

Independent solutions vendors worldwide have been anticipating the ability to offer customers an easier, cost-effective way to manage and deploy business intelligence solutions.

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