Airversent Awarded Vodafone 'Preferred Application' Status

Airversent, formerly Telepartner, has been awarded Vodafone 'Preferred Application' status for its ServiceNet mobile workforce management software. ServiceNet is a fully featured platform providing wireless communications to and from the field, mobile application configuration, workflow management, lone working support, scheduling, performance reporting, plus a range of extensions such as mobile device management, navigation and mobile email.

Fully scalable, ServiceNet can demonstrably support any size of field force from 10-1000s of engineers, inspectors or meter readers. Available as a pay as you go subscription service with minimal up front investment, it is extremely quick to configure and deploy making it suited for SMEs wanting to implement a mobile data solution.

In order to achieve Vodafone Preferred status, ServiceNet underwent market and technical evaluation by Vodafone UK. As a result, the application is certified as meeting the high standards demanded by Vodafone UK's customer base and as proven to deliver value to the UK marketplace.

As a Preferred application supplier, Airversent now has access to Vodafone UK's technical expertise and ServiceNet will be fully integrated into the ongoing Vodafone sales and marketing programmes targeted at both existing and potential business customers. ServiceNet will be identified by the 'Vodafone Preferred Application' brand logo. This will allow Airversent to benefit from Vodafone UK's status as the UK's largest mobile network operator, offering its customers in-depth support and peace of mind when deploying new mobile applications.

ServiceNet joins a number of other application developers in the Preferred application level of the Vodafone UK applications portfolio, which have developed solutions ranging from telematics and sales solutions to tools that replicate the functionality of the desktop environment on the mobile device.

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