business - from 'I'm In Love' to 'I'm Livid With Rage'

The UK arm of a new consumer website launches today, designed to provide customers with a real-time barometer of attitudes towards companies and brands. Sutori ( or - a global website, allows consumers to share their experiences of products or services with the community, while allowing the brands or companies themselves an opportunity to respond to both positive and negative comment. The site's unique 'Goodwill Meter' provides an easy guide to how the majority feel, allowing people to rate their experiences on a scale ranging from 'I'm in love' through to 'I'm livid with rage'.

It's this unique graphical 'Goodwill Meter' that its designers feel will attract consumers from across the globe and for the first time, paint a true picture of attitudes towards some of the world's biggest household names. The website, created by strategic interactive agency, Blast Radius, already features posts on companies such as BT, Sky and Virgin Atlantic. Currently, financial services companies top both most (ING) and least (Royal Bank) loved categories.

Because of its global nature, Sutori offers people the chance to share their opinions with both a UK and worldwide audience, particularly useful to UK consumers wanting to compare experiences with those from the US especially to find out if 'Rip-off Britain' is still alive and well.

Unlike many sites designed to simply air grievances, Sutori aims to create a balanced view of a company or brand, providing a platform for both positive and negative stories. The site actively encourages brands to respond to praise or criticism and through its "meta moderation" of agreeing or disagreeing with the sentiment of the author towards the product or service and providing a more balanced view.

Using this information, brands get an early warning of developing issues and consumers can take the pulse of a brand before committing. According to Blast Radius, in the current consumer environment paying attention to instruments such as the Goodwill Meter is vital, as, with the speed inherent in the Internet, a grass roots campaign can form quickly and do massive damage before a company has time to react. Even worse, often damage is done to the brand before a problem is even recognized at a senior level.

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