Comodo Enhances Its TwoFactor Solution

In its drive to make user authentication both stronger and easier to use for online banking customers, Comodo announces a series of product enhancements to Comodo's TwoFactor solution.

The enhancements announced extend Comodo's proven Client certificate-based solution for two-factor authentication beyond home computers into the realm of public computers such as those used by online banking customers while traveling. Through the introduction of one-time passwords designed for use at public computers, Comodo TF is now as effective as token solutions for user authentication at remote locations but do not include the high cost or challenging customer deployment typically associated with these types of solutions.

These one-time passwords can be delivered through a variety of customer-selected options such as SMS messaging, email or telephone. The key benefit to end users is "anywhere, anytime" access to online banking accounts allowing optimum flexibility.

Comodo's solution surpasses other cookie-based user authentication approaches because these approaches do not to create a true two-factor authentication process when the user is logging in from a remote computer. Typically, these cookie-based solutions must revert to a weaker, multi-layered, one-factor approach to deliver user authentication at public computers. Comodo has invested in technologies that enable seamless true two-factor authentication for consumers. Key features of this new release include:
- Generation and acceptance of one time passwords when the customer is at a remote location;
- A choice of delivery vehicles of the one-time password that the user selects, including SMS/ phone or email delivery;
- Enhanced administrative tools to facilitate easy introduction and maintenance of these new capabilities.

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