Performance Communications Group Releases IntelliSuite v4.0

Performance Communications Group has released an upgrade to their IntelliSuite Content and Collaboration Platform, designed to bring IntelliSuite to a higher level of scalability. The 4.0 release is the first full point upgrade in several years.

IntelliSuite allows easy and efficient site management via the web with no existing software knowledge or programming requirements. The IntelliSuite 4.0 upgrade provides for full load-balancing with a new data model along with more search engine and new media promotional features supporting PCG's Internet Secured Application Technology, or ISAT.

IntelliSuite is a middleware platform supporting a broad range of online needs. There are six primary areas of functionality within IntelliSuite including Content Management, Commerce Management, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration Management, Database Management and Interface Management. IntelliSuite was created in 1995 and has provided the dynamic functionality for hundreds of clients and thousands of sites.

IntelliSuite is licensed through an ASP model and version 4.0 will be installed for all PCG ASP clients during the month of August 2007.

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