Online Recruitment Dips in the UK in July

Online recruitment activity across the UK declined in July as the Monster Employment Index UK dropped five points, following two months of steady growth. This decrease was caused mainly by significantly fewer opportunities in the banking, finance and insurance; and legal sectors. Regionally, dips in demand were reported in North England, London and the South East, whilst the South West saw substantial growth. Overall, the Index reached 165 points, up 34 percent since July last year. The Monster Employment Index UK is a monthly analysis of millions of online job opportunities culled from different websites across Europe, including

"Despite the slight decline in online job activity in the UK in July, the Index has shown an encouraging growth trend so far this year", said Alan Townsend, COO, Monster UK and Ireland. "It is not uncommon for job opportunities to fall during the summer months but overall the majority of industry sectors grew in July, which bodes well for continued growth throughout the rest of the year."

Across the UK, 12 industry sectors saw an upturn in hiring, with the strongest growth seen in engineering; and environmental, architecture and urbanism. The banking, finance and insurance; and legal industries experienced the largest decreases, despite both growing significantly in June. Craft-related workers was the largest growing occupation, fuelled by demand in the production, manufacturing, maintenance and repair industry. Elementary occupations declined the furthest, and technicians and associate professionals saw a notable decrease due to the decline in banking, finance and insurance.

The South West and Scotland, both popular tourist destinations, saw the strongest growth in online job opportunities in contrast to the decreases both regions experienced in June. Growth in the South West was driven by increases in demand for skilled agricultural and fishery workers; and craft-related workers. Online opportunities for legislators, senior officials and managers increased for the sixth straight month, whilst real estate saw a fourth month of decline. In Scotland, growth was fuelled largely by an increase in telecommunications and engineering, which grew for the third month in a row. Demand for service workers and shop and market sales workers showed a slight drop due to the decline in healthcare and social work. North England, London and the South East declined the most.

The engineering sector grew by 13 points, recovering from a slight dip in June. Year-on-year, the industry has grown by 27 percent. All regions showed growth in this sector, with London the main contributor to the increase.

Monster Employment Index UK data for August will be released on September 11, 2007.

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