Free NeX Assisted GPS Technology on All NemeriX NX3 GPS Platforms

NemeriX announces the free and immediate availability of NeX (NemeriX Extended Ephemeris) Assisted GPS technology on all NemeriX NX3 GPS platforms. Via its patent-pending approach, NemeriX's NeX A-GPS technology significantly shortens the time it takes for a GPS receiver to acquire satellites and compute an accurate position, even in deep-indoor or harsh multi-path environments.

To calculate a position, a GPS receiver must locate a minimum of four satellites. Once connected, downloads can take over 30 seconds, even under optimal signal conditions. NemeriX's NeX technology accelerates this process by storing location data for all functional GPS satellites, for seven days. Satellite data is then transferred at one time to a mobile handset or personal navigation device via an extremely small file. The uniquely small file size means it can be delivered via a variety of transmission methods, or updated each time a user turns on their handset. Storing satellite location data in this fashion boosts performance 2X for GPS receivers, by reducing the time it takes to calculate a position on the ground.

NemeriX's NeX delivers a 2-20 second Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF) capability, under hot-, warm-, and cold-start conditions. This represents a 2X advantage over competitive offerings. NeX also features 33% better accuracy and a file size one third the size of other offerings. NeX is also compliant with SUPL, enabling it to be integrated into any GPS device. Server independent, NeX is offered at no additional cost on NemeriX platforms.

Research by several leading analysts suggests that the expectations for Location Based Services differ throughout the value chain. Consumers care more about performance - finding a location immediately, the first time, and every time they use their device; whereas operators and handset manufacturers must also take into account power consumption, cost, and the size of the GPS receiver.

NemeriX's GPS platforms meet the expectations of consumers, operators and handset manufacturers, by providing the lowest power, highest-performance GPS ICs available in the industry today. NemeriX's roadmap of solutions is targeted toward the needs of customers and consumers in the dynamic location-based world of tomorrow.

NemeriX's NeX technology supports SUPL, C-Plane and is compatible with RRLP and RRC. It is also interoperable with independent third-party server-side technologies. The out-of-coverage A-GPS capabilities provided by NeX enable handset manufacturers to develop new and differentiated location-based services with enhanced assisted operation outside of cellular coverage areas. This "navigate always" technology provides GPS positioning in the most difficult of environments - such as deep indoors, parking garages, in deep urban canyons, and under dense overhead environments - which significantly enhances the user experience and overall customer satisfaction.

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