Spire Power Products Become SLI Certified

Spire announces that Spire RockIT SP-100W Modular Power Supply Unit has received the official NVIDIA SLI Certification. The RockIT 1000W Modular Gaming Power Supply is the most innovative power supply featured today. It is capable of powering 6 12V rails with a high efficiency up to 85%. Equipped with Quad SLI 4 PCIE connectors, 12 SATA connectors and patented Thermo Reactive Cooling System. Main features of the RockIT 1000W Modular Gaming Power Supply include:
- 1000W solid power for the most demanding systems and users;
- High efficiency of up to 85%;
- Quad SLI ready 4 PCI-E Connectors;
- 12 SATA Power Connectors;
- Modular EZ-Cable Power Connectors;
- 120mm Silent Ball Bearing fan;
- Thermo Reactive Cooling System;
- Completely Silent 10.0 dBA up to 45C / 113F;
- OVP/ OCP / IO Short Circuit & Overload Protection;
- Green power energy star;
- 3 Year Warranty.

Spire is also introducing a new 'Powered by Innovation' product, the all new "PowerFuse" Graphic Card Protector. "PowerFuse" Graphic Card Protector (part no. SP162) is an over-voltage protector to secure and protect your videocard from irregular voltages and ripple noise created by the lower quality power supplies. With the Spire PowerFuse you'll never have to worry again about power surges or breaking your videocard by over voltage.

"PowerFuse" Graphic Card Protector features include:
- Cool, LED Indicated and lighted connectors;
- Copper & EMI shielded cables;
- Over Voltage protection: Activated by irregular Voltage beyond allowance;
- Over Current protection: Simply like a Fuse for your videocard;
- Correction of ripple noise: 50% of ripple noise is filtered through the EMC core.

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